Baseball Players at the Sphinx, 1888

A reporter traveling with Spalding’s World Tour noted: “The surface of the Desert was hard and firm, not unlike the snow crust of the North, and formed a by-no-means-poor ground for ball playing. Ward's forces were again ‘out for blood,’ and though Anson made a good start by the capture of two runs in the opening inning, All-America by good stiff batting piled up seven runs in the second and secured a lead which Chicago could not afterwards approach. . . . At the close of the game we returned to the Sphynx and the Pyramids and looked over the great masses of stone at our leisure. A couple of Bedouins performed the dangerous task of climbing to the apex of the big Pyramid and down again within ten minutes’ time, for a ten-piastre piece, and then [John] Ward, [Jim] Fogarty and [Jim] Manning, accompanied by attendants, undertook and accomplished the ascent.”

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