Louisville, 1876

The pitcher for this charter club in the first year of the National League was Jim Devlin (back row, center), who one year later would be brought low in the scandal that temporarily reduced the NL to three clubs for 1878. Devlin pleaded with Hulbert to be reinstated but, as Al Spalding recalled, "I saw the great bulk of Hulbert's frame tremble with the emotion he vainly sought to stifle. I saw the president's hand steal into his pocket as if seeking to conceal his intended act from the other hand. I saw him take a $50 bill and press it into the palm of the prostrate player. And then I heard him say, as he fairly writhed with the pain his own words caused him, 'That's what I think of you, personally; but, damn you, Devlin, you are dishonest; you have sold a game, and I can't trust you. Now go; and let me never see your face again; for your act will not be condoned so long as I live.'"

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